• The ACUFEX Difference

ACUFEX™ Handheld Instruments are synonymous with performance, dependability and durability. Over the years, our extensive line of punches, scissors and graspers has earned a worldwide reputation for sharpness, maneuverability, precision and strength.

  • The ACUFEX Edge 

The extraordinary sharpness of our ACUFEX instruments is accomplished through a proprietary sharpening process that integrates state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques with precision hand craftsmanship. The exceptionally sharp surgical edge is enhanced by unique tip designs and tight construction tolerances, replacing “tearing cuts” with clean, scissor-like cuts and minimal tissue trauma.

  •  Pinless Hinge Design 

ACUFEX instruments are linked together by a unique system of grooves and ridges on the upper jaw, shaft and actuator, eliminating the need for pins. The pinless hinge design allows even distribution of force over the bearing surfaces while minimizing stress points. 

  • Selection of Ergonomic Handles 

ACUFEX instruments are designed to fit your hand comfortably and are offered in four ergonomic handle choices, from a traditional loop style, to handles with an infinite-position locking design, to a “cigar” handle. 

  • Multiple Tip Configurations 

Designed for easy access to all areas of the meniscus, Smith & Nephew offers a variety of tip designs for cutting, trimming and grasping. 

  • Manufacturing Expertise 

Not only do we design the instruments, we design the machines that make the instruments. In addition to custom tooling, we employ demanding quality control standards and rigid test procedures that result in optimal consistency from unit to unit.

Acufex 011024 Alligator Max Grasper Forceps
Acufex 013550 Tendon Stripper, Closed, 6.4mm x 12in
ACUFEX 7207054 Arthroscopy Forceps Stingray Right 033010
Acufex 7207055 Arthroscopy Forceps Stingray Right 033439
Acufex Arthroscopy forceps, Pitbull, Grasper, Narrowline, Duckling etc ~ 16 piece Set Acufex 7207053 Pro Handle Narroline Punch, Straight ~ 2 each Acufex 7207052 Arthroscopic Pro Handle Narrowline Upbiter Punch ~ 2 each Acufex 7207059 Arthroscopic 3.4mm Cupped Grasper Acufex 7207055 Stingray...

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