Bard 300018A StatLock 18Fr. ~ Box of 10

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Bard 300018A StatLock Device Foley Tray 18Fr. 

Preconnected Closed System:
Bardex IC Anti-Infective Foley Catheter
5cc Balloon (Inflate with 10ml Sterile water)
Bacteriostatic Drainage Tubing with Bard EZ-Lok Sampling Port
2000ml capacity Bacteriostatic
Drainage Bag with Anti-Reflux Chamber
Bard Microbicidal Outlet Tube with Control-Fit Outlet Device
Tamper-Evident Seal
String Hanger
Attached Sheeting Clip
StatLock Foley Catheter Stabilization Device Kit
Uro-Prep Tray with:
1 Waterproof Absorbent Underpad
1 Fenestrated Drape
2 Latex-Free, Powder-Free Gloves
1 Povidone-Lodine Solution
1 Forceps
5 Prepping Balls in Tray Compartment
1 Catheter Lubricating Jelly Syringe, 10cc
1 Prefilled 10cc Syringe of Sterile Water
1 Specimen Container with Cap and Label

Box of 10

Expiration date: 2018-02

Bard 300018A StatLock 18Fr. ~ Box of 10Rochester - 300016A - 904016 - Complete Care Drainage Bag Foley Tray With Rochester - 300016A - 904016 - Complete Care Drainage Bag Foley Tray With Covidien Kendall Curity Silicone Foley Tray is a 100% silicone catheter tray which includes a two-way 17 inch curity drain bag with anti-reflux chamber, safeguard needleless sampling port and splashguard II drain spout. The 100% latex-free standard prep tray has a 10cc pre-filled sterile water inflation syringe. Piston Sirenge Irrigation Tray is ideal for irrigation and aspiration. The piston Sirenge features double-flanged plunger tip to ensure adequate vacuum as well as thumb ring and smooth piston action for insertion length, 20cc recommended balloon inflation, red inflator cuff, clear silicone shaft, sterile Complete Care Bardex I.C. Foley Tray With Drainage Bag And 66 6515. 898314 1 103. 898316 1 6 6515. 898318 1 191 6515. 899616 1 1659 6515. 899618 1 68 6515. 899914 Surestep Foley Tray System Lubri-Sil I.C. Complete Care Temperature-Sensing Foley Catheter Tray And Urine Meter, 16 Fr antimicrobial coated silicone lubricated 2000ml drainage bag infection control pre-filled syringe glove latex-free jelly drape underpad forcep specimen cup cotton ball povidone iodine latex-free catheter stabilization device safet 1005 34.200000000000003 34.200000000000003 9/20/2016 11/30/2020 42295402. 8/3/2016 8420 6515 20 37.6 20
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