Smart Bandage

3D Printed Needles, Smart Bandages Treat Chronic Wounds Via Remote Active Drug Delivery System

Researchers from Harvard Medical School , MIT, and the University of Nebraska have teamed up to create a smart bandage that can be filled with medicine to treat chronic wounds, such as painkillers and antibiotics. The medication is administered through 3D needles that are controlled remotely by a smartphone or another electronic device.  The...

HIV Treatment Research

Researchers Condense A Week’s Worth Of HIV Treatment Into One Capsule

Researchers from Brigham & Women’s Hospital and MIT teamed up to create a capsule that can hold a week’s worth of HIV drugs in one serving. Many HIV patients need to take more than one medication. The pill is designed to make it easier for these patients to stick to their dosing schedule and reduce the hassle of taking daily medication. The capsule...

Medical Industry

7 Decade Old Trends That Continue To Shape The Medical Industry Today

More than a decade ago, a wave of notable trends and market forces began to erupt within the medical device industry. Once these trends were formed, it changed how the manufacturing sector of the medical device industry introduced its products to the world. Remarkably, these trends are still shaping the industry today. Read on to learn more about...

Global Endoscopy Device Market

Endoscopy Device Market Global Report Findings to 2025

The industry analysis, market size, share, trends, growth, forecast and application analysis for the endoscopy device market for 2020 to 2025 has been released by Researchandmarket. With digestive diseases on the rise and the severity of these disorders increasing, it’s clear that lifestyle changes and unhealthy food have damaged human health....

Medtech Costs Grow At Slower Rate Than Other Healthcare Sectors

Study: Medtech Costs Grow At Slower Rate Than Other Healthcare Sectors, Fueling Price War

Medical device companies have notoriously faced pressure from clients and policy-makers regarding their prices. However, according to an ongoing study , the medtech sector has been a slow growing factor among the total cost of healthcare in the United States, making the price war over medical devices even more challenging. Researchers from the...

COVID-19 remote patient monitoring

Remote Technology Keeps Healthcare Workers Safe During Pandemic, Has Permanent Potential

Medical companies are modifying how their devices are being used to address the need for safe physical spaces between coronavirus patients and healthcare providers. Large scale medical companies, including Medtronic , ResMed, and GE Healthcare , are being prompted by the FDA to create and quickly distribute remote programming and monitoring abilities...

Test Syringe Prevents Clogging

New Test Syringe Prevents Clogging, Increasing Microparticle Delivery Sixfold

Engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have created a computer model of a new syringe that could prevent clogging and increase microparticle output during injections. Microparticles are only about the size of one grain of sand. However, it can be difficult to inject them if they become clogged in a syringe. This prevents delivery...

Zimmer Biomet

Zimmer Biomet Loses $509 Million and 80% of Revenue in First Quarter

Medical device company Zimmer Biomet reported on Monday, May 11th that their first-quarter earnings were dramatically affected by the coronavirus pandemic in mid-March. Sales dropped 9.7% within the three month period to $1.78 billion. These results closely matched those estimated by a report posted on April 6th that predicted the company would see a...

CODIV-19 US Hospitals

U.S. Hospitals See 120% Operating Margin Drop Since March As COVID Thrives

The coronavirus continues to be deadly for hospital margins as the medical field feels the effect of the first full month of the pandemic’s impact on the economy. According to a Kaufman Hall report  published on Thursday, May 21, 2020, hospitals in the United States saw their operating EBITDA margins drop 174% from April of 2019 and 118% from March...


3M Fights Fraud Cases and Price Gouging During COVID-19 Pandemic, Lawsuits Filed

The coronavirus pandemic has proven that some people will try to take advantage of others even during the worst of times. On July 9, 2020, multinational conglomerate company 3M announced that it resolved an Indiana-based federal court case against ZeroAqua, stopping an N95 respirator mask scheme in its tracks. The scheme included the promise of billions...

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