Endoscopy Device Market Global Report Findings to 2025

Global Endoscopy Device Market

The industry analysis, market size, share, trends, growth, forecast and application analysis for the endoscopy device market for 2020 to 2025 has been released by Researchandmarket.

With digestive diseases on the rise and the severity of these disorders increasing, it’s clear that lifestyle changes and unhealthy food have damaged human health. Digestive disorders affect almost 70 million people annually, according to The National Institute of Diabetes and Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney. Additionally, another 48.3 million people need ambulatory care for emergency complications due to their digestive diseases each year.

Not long ago, it was hard to get a gastrointestinal diagnosis without the use of invasive methods. However, the development of endoscopy has transformed the diagnosis process for doctors and patients alike. Endoscopy devices are in high demand due to their accuracy and less invasive techniques that are needed to diagnose digestive disorders without side effects. This has resulted in an increase in production and sales over the years. In 2020, the endoscopy market brought in a revenue of $11.4 billion and has a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.43% during the 2020-2025 time frame.

Endoscopy devices are especially in high demand in North America. Some of the newer forms of endoscopy tools that are being used in this area include virtual reality simulators and telesurgery. North America led the endoscopy market in 2020 with a regional share of 54%. As hospitals are the primary users of endoscopy devices, this segment of the market is expected to grow with a CAGR of 6.10% to 2025.

Regions covered in the report include the following:

  • North America, including the United States, Mexico, and Canada
  • South America, including Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Costa Rica, and Columbia
  • Europe, including the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, and Denmark
  • Asia Pacific countries, including Japan, China, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, India, Malaysia, and Hong Kong
  • Middle East, Africa, Israel, South Africa and Saudi Arabia

Endoscopy Device Market Growth Trend Predictions

The endoscopy device market has seen a rise in sales recently due to its many favorable qualities, including improved patient outcomes and more accurate results for physicians. This has made it popular among healthcare providers. Endoscopy is a minimally invasive procedure that does not cause pain or discomfort in the gastrointestinal tract for patients. This is an important aspect of the device market as patients with digestive disorders are already experiencing painful side effects as a result of their condition. Endoscopy devices are also useful to help treat mucosal disorders that may occur inside of the digestive tract.

Another reason why the endoscopy device market is expected to grow is because of the low mortality and morbidity linked to this type of procedure, which ensures the safety of patients. Newer forms of endoscopy devices and technology, such as telesurgery, have allowed surgeons to treat patients at a completely different location. In today’s remote and social distancing society, this type of medicine can help keep both the patient and healthcare workers safe without coming in close contact with each other.

The endoscopy device market has seen a large advancement in technology with a primary focus on innovation. The market has seen improvements in the areas of image quality that is obtained from the devices, thanks to the introduction of high definition imaging that helps obtain clear images with improved contrast. Other trends that have helped the endoscopy device market grow are consistent system reviews, improvements in medical staff, and hiring more healthcare professionals for endoscopic activity. These factors help the market combat preexisting disproportionate ratios of demand versus delivered capacity.

According to the endoscopy device global market 2019 report, the industry was expected to grow at a middle single digit CAGR, reaching $46,660 million in 2025. At the time of the 2019 report, factors that lead to an increasing demand for minimally invasive procedures included faster recovery times, shorter hospital stays, technology innovations, and a wider scope of endoscopy applications.

Other factors that drove the market in 2019 included a rise in obesity and the preference for bariatric surgeries to assist with weight reduction. Other potential opportunities include the increasing demand for high-resolution technology, including 3D systems, smaller endoscope systems and capsule endoscopy, emerging expansion opportunities in various nations, and the launch of single-use devices. Almost all application areas have seen an increase in trends for single-use endoscopes and capsule endoscopes, which can be used for lower gastrointestinal screening.

Biggest Players Perspective in the Endoscopy Device Market

The biggest market players currently involved in the endoscopy device market that hold major shares include the following corporations:

  • Stryker Corporation
  • Smith & Nephew PLC
  • Olympus Corporation
  • Boston Scientific
  • Cook Medical Inc.
  • Pentax Medical
  • Richard Wolf GMBH
  • Cogentix Medical
  • Fuji Film Holdings corporation


The Indian division of the Olympus Corporation came up with many different endoscopy devices that have become very popular in the healthcare field. These include colon scopes, gastroscopes, enteroscopes, duodenoscopes, bronchoscopes, capsule endoscopes, laparoscopes, cystoscopes, resectoscopes, hysteroscopes, ureterorenoscopes, and more.

Scope of Endoscopy Device Market Research

The research provided in the report has a base year of 2020 with forecasting conducted to 2025. The report provides a thorough analysis of several competitive factors. It takes into account the market shares from top companies and provides data on all shipments. These findings provide key market players with information needed to help them understand the future of the endoscopy device market. Assessments provided in the forecast include the following:

  • An overview of competitive structures
  • Market shares of the competition
  • Market trends, demands, drivers, and challenges
  • Product analyses

Market restrainers and drivers are also assessed to determine their impact during the forecasted period. The report also lists the primary opportunities for growth while describing key challenges and threats within the industry. Primary areas of focus include the different types of products in the endoscopy device market and the different applications or areas of health they can be used in.

The following is a list of the key highlights provided in the report:

1.Overview of the Endoscopy Device Market

     a. Scope and definitions

2.Executive Summary of the Endoscopy Device Market

     a. Market size, revenue, and key trends by corporation

     b. Primary trends based on application

     c. Primary tends based on geograph

3. Endoscopy Device Market

     a. Competitive analysis

     b. Top 10 companies and their product benchmarks

     c. Financial analysis of the top 5 companies

     d. Top 10 companies and their market value split

     e. Patent analysis by the top 10 companies

     f. Price analyses

4.Endoscopy Device Market Forces

     a. Drivers

     b. Constraints

     c. Challenges

     d. Porters five force method

     e. Supplier’s bargaining power

     f. Customer’s bargaining power

     g. New entrant threats

     h. Existing players and their rivalries

     i. Substitute threats

5.Strategic Analysis of the Endoscopy Device Market

     a. Value chain analysis

     b. Analysis of opportunities

     c. Product life cycles

     d. Market share suppliers and distributors

6.Endoscopy Device Market Product Analysis (Market Size - Million/Billion Dollar Range)

  1. Market share and market size analysis
  2. Trend research and application revenue
  3. Product segment analysis
  4. Endoscope
  5. Endoscope device
  6. Product analysis by type

     i.       Cystoscopes

     ii.      Neuroendoscopes

     iii.     Urology endoscopes

     iv.      Arthroscopes

      v.      Laparoscopes

     vi.      Obstetrics and gynecological (OB/GN) endoscopes

    vii.      Otoscopes

   viii.      Laryngoscopes

     ix.      Nasopharyngoscopes

      x.      Rhinoscopes

     xi.      Gastroscopes

    xii.      Colonoscopes

   xiii.      Bronchoscopes

    xiv.      Duodenoscopes

     xv.      Sigmoidoscopes

    xvi.      Other endoscopes

   xvii.      Capsule endoscopy

  xviii.      Robot-assisted endoscopy

     g. Visualization and documentation system analyses

     h. Key growth factors and opportunities

     i. Light sources

     j. Camera heads

     k. Wireless monitors and displays

      I. Endoscopy camera

     m. Endoscopy carts

      n. Digital documentation systems

      o. Video convertors and processors

      p. Transmitters and receivers

      q. Video technology

       r. Mechanical endoscopy equipment

        i.     Endoscopic implants

       ii.     Trocars

       iii.     Graspers

        iv.     Snare

         v.     Biopsy forceps

        vi.     Accessories

       vii.      Biopsy valves

      viii.      Overtubes

        ix.      Mouthpieces

         x.      Fluid flushing devices

        xi.      Needle holder and needle forceps

       xii.      Cleaning brushes

      xiii.      Light cable

     s. Other endoscopy accessories

     t. Other endoscopy equipment

     u. Endoscopy ultrasounds

     v. Insufflators

     w. Endoscopy fluid management systems

     x. Other electronic endoscopy equipment

7.Endoscopy Device Market Divided By End User (Market Size - Million/Billion Dollar Range)

     a. Hospitals

     b. Clinics

8.Endoscopy Devices By Application Type (Market Size - Million/Billion Dollar Range)

     a. Segment type, size, and market share analysis

     b. Application revenue and trends by application type

     c. Application segment analysis by type

          i.      Bronchoscopy

         ii.      Arthroscopy 

        iii.      Laparoscopy

        iv.      Urology endoscopy

         v.      Neuroendoscopy

        vi.      Gastrointestinal endoscopy

       vii.      Obstetrics/gynecology endoscopy

      viii.      ENT endoscopy

d. Other endoscopy applications

9.Endoscopy Device By Geography (Market Size - Million/Billion Dollar Range)

     a. Endoscopy device market North America segment research

     b. North America market research (million/billion dollar range)

     c. Endoscopy devices South America segment research

     d. South America market research (million/billion dollar range)

     e. Endoscopy devices Europe segment research

     f. Europe market research (million/billion dollar range)

     g. Endoscopy device Asia Pacific segment research

     h. Asia Pacific market research (million/billion dollar range)

     i. Endoscopy device Middle East and Africa segment research

     j. Middle East and Africa market research (million/billion dollar range)

10.Endoscopy Device Market Entropy

     a. New product launches

     b. M&As, JVs, partnerships, and collaborations

11.Endoscopy Device Market Company Analyses

     a. Company revenues, market share, products, developments, and M&A

      i.     Boston Scientific Corporation

     ii.     Conmed Corporation

    iii.     Fujifilm Holding Corporation

     iv.     Hoya Corporation

     v.     Johnson Johnson

    vi.     Karl Storz Gmbh Co. Kg

   vii.     Medtronic

   viii.    Olympus Corporation

    ix.     Smith And Nephew

     x.     Stryker Corporation

12.Endoscopy Device Market Appendix

     a. Abbreviations

     b. Sources

13.Endoscopy Device Market Methodology

     a. Research methodology

     b. Interview with company experts

     c. Industry databases

     d. Associations

     e. Company news

     f. Company yearly reports

     g. Application tools

     h. New products and databases for products

     i. Company transcripts

     j. Trends for R&D

     k. Interview with key industry opinion experts

     l.  Trends in supply and demand

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