Laser Measurement

Everything there is to know about a laser measurement tool

Laser measurements are options to standard metallic tape measures. They calculate lengths, widths, and heights to about 650 feet (198 meters). To use this tape measure, you place the laser measurement tool on one side, and then the light beam hits an object on the opposite side. The manner is similar to the usage of a conventional tape measure except that you use a light beam in place of metallic tape. Once you have the beam on the proper spot, you should press the button, and the tape measure calculates the gap, displaying it on its screen. The calculation is via precision optics and beam physics using the phase-shift approach. In an optical maser, it hits an item and compares its reflection with the beam dispatched out. In the case of the time-of-flight technique, it calculates the time it takes for an optical pulse to mirror back. Some tape measures will let you measure a couple of distances and upload them together automatically.

History of laser measurement tools

The first laser measurement tool was introduced in 1993 at the Bathmat show in Paris. When launched, this gadget was the size of a brick and weighed almost the same as a brick. This laser measurement tool was able to measure nearly 100”, with the accuracy of 1/8’’ but this could only happen in ideal situations. The weight of this device was almost 2 pounds. The working of the device was simple and was the same as the modern laser measurement device. It aimed towards an object, and when the light created a spot on the object, with the press of a button, it measured distance. The measurements calculated would display on the screen of the gadget. The sole purpose of this gadget was to empower people to take more accurate measurements. At that time, it was challenging to measure a long distance with accuracy, and even if somehow the measurement was made, it was very time-consuming. So, to get rid of these problems, the laser measurement device was created. It can measure long distances with accuracy in a short amount of time.   

Indication of use

The laser measurement is the best and most accurate way to calculate distance. In underdeveloped areas, they use tape for calculating distance. The laser has many advantages over that. As this appliance uses light, it does not have any kind of bends; instead, it travels in a straight line, so the distance calculated is almost 99% accurate. In megaprojects, they do not have time for doing measurements with a tape. Therefore, this item is useful in saving time and providing a precise dimension that no other method can give.

Another reason for its use is when taking the dimensions of a large area. It is challenging to walk and then calculate the distance. In some cases, the land is not plain, and it is challenging to walk all the way through. In such cases, this gadget is ideal as the person using this does not need to move from his initial position. So, it reduces the workforce required for calculation.

General Specifications of a laser measurement tool

· Working range can vary from 40m to 500m with the accuracy varying from +-2.0 to +- 5.0 mm

· Laser Measurement devices are usually water-resistant & dust-proof to ensure their accuracy and range are not affected. The IPS rating varies from IP54 to IP65

· A laser measurement tool has a different measuring mode for different situations, like area/length/width/Pythagorean.

· This tool has a self-calibration function so that it can auto-adjust to the requirements needed.

Types of laser measurement tools

The different types of these gadgets are as follows:

Bosch GLM 35

If a person needs an affordable laser measurement device that gives accurate readings, this is the ideal tool. This gadget is cheap and is very easy to use. A person who has almost zero experience of operating this kind of device can use it easily. It can determine length, width, area, volume, and more. This gadget is user-friendly and can be in anyone’s budget. This can also add and subtract the dimensions, making it very easy to determine calculations with different speculations. It gives excellent accuracy up to 120 feet, and after that, there is a slight decrease in accuracy. It also has a user-friendly display with a backlight that enables the user to read in the dark. This device uses AAA batteries.

The key features of this instrument are as follows

  • It has the measuring accuracy of +-1/16”.
  • It has a remarkable accuracy of up to 120 feet.
  • Some of its functions are that it can measure length, area, distance, it can take continuous measurements with addition and subtraction.
  • It can store up to 3 previous measurements.
  • It has a backlight display which comes very handy in the dark.

Leica Geosystems DISTO D2

This is a professional tool and is way advanced than the device mentioned above. It is Bluetooth enabled and can connect to any PC or phone, and it can measure up to 330 feet with remarkable precision. This tool has a min/max function, which helps to take precise diagonal readings. This device can store up to 10 readings at a time. It also has an addition and subtraction function, making it easy to take different readings and then add or subtract in them. This instrument also has a Pythagoras function. This function helps to take indirect readings of height and width. Since this device is tiny, it does not take precise Pythagoras readings but instead takes estimates. The best thing about this device is that it has Bluetooth and sends readings on a mobile or tablet app.

Some of its key features are as follows:

  • This device is very accurate and has correctness of 1/16”.
  • This gadget can measure up to 330 ft accurately.
  • Its functions include area, volume, Pythagoras, min/max, addition/subtraction, and pointer function.
  • This device is Bluetooth enabled.
  • It can save up to 10 readings.
  • This device has an illuminated display.

DeWalt DW03050

This device is a mid-ranged tool with high-quality durability and excellent build. It is water and dust resistant due to which it can be used in any environment. It is ideal for contractors, electricians, and other professionals. The tool automatically calculates the area and volume, and gives an accuracy of 1/16”. It also has Pythagoras to measure indirect height and width. It can store up to 5 readings, and the working range for this tool is 135 feet. Using this gadget in the dark is very easy both for operating and recording reading due to its 2-line backlight display. 

Features of this gadget

  • It can measure up to 135 ft with remarkable correctness.
  • It has an accuracy of +-1/16”
  • It has a water-resistant design.
  • It has a 2-line backlight display.
  • It can store up to 5 readings.

Tacklife HD60

This device is one of the most accurate tools and has a range of 195 feet. This tool is water and dust resistant and is very affordable. However, being cheap does not mean that it lacks features. It has all the features which are usually present in high-end models. All these features are available for less than $40. It also calculates area and volume based on the length width and height it has calculated, so there is no need to calculate these things manually. It can also calculate indirect readings using the Pythagoras feature. Also, it can store data of up to 30 groups and has an IP54 water-resistant rating.


  • It has a measuring accuracy of +-1/16’’.
  • It can measure up to 195 ft.
  • It has a memory of 30 groups.
  • It has a backlight display.
  • Its functions are area, add/sub, Pythagoras.

How to use

Doing Laser Measurement is very easy.

  • Aim the light towards the object.
  • Turn on the optical maser light.
  • Press the button to start the calculation.
  • Within a few seconds, it records the readings. 

Complications of using the laser measurement tool

You can face many problems when using laser measurement equipment, some of which are as follows:

  • If the user wants to measure the dimensions of an area with no boundaries, it is challenging to measure. 
  • If the battery is weak, then the instrument may give inaccurate readings.
  • In a foggy area, the laser could be intercepted by fog, causing the accuracy to decrease dramatically.
  • Laser Measurement gadgets are costly, so not every person can afford it to determine dimensions.


Laser Measurement is one of the world’s most accurate method of calculating dimensions. As an electronic instrument, it can have many faults, and the weather dramatically affects this method. This method is becoming common in developed countries. However, in developing countries, not all contractors can use it as these instruments are costly.

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