MDE Escort Prism Patient Monitor

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MDEEscort Prism SE model 20414-103 vital signs patient monitor with ecg/resp, Nellcor SPO2, NIBP, temp, turbo-temp, & printer; 900 MHz transceiver available. Large color screen. The portable MDE Escort Prism SE has a battery and is easily transportable for any situation.This Escort Prism SE is the newer style of the popular Escort family, with BUILT-IN parameters including ecg/resp, SPO2, NIBP, temp, as well as Turbo-temp and a printer. The large color monitor screen is great and can be adjusted for optimal viewing. 

This unit is also available with the 900 MHz transceiver, model 20011V, which is to be used with the Vision Central Station system. Display Type: CRT non-fade P31. Size: 6" (15.2 cm) diagonal. Number of Traces: 3. Trace Length: 3.2 sec @ 25 mm/sec Front Panel Key Functions: Freeze, Record, Alarm Suspend, Alarm Set Up, Page Home, Next Page, 8 Softkeys, On/Standby.

Country of origin :
United States
One of the most reliable monitors out there. Our clinic has been using these monitors for over 5 years now. Never encountered any problems.
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