MICROAIRE 5000SC Sterilization Case 5000 Series

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MICROAIRE 5000SC Sterilization Case 5000 Series

MICROAIRE 5000SC Sterilization Case 5000 SeriesSmall-Bone Instrument System / 5641 SmartDriver DUO e w/couplers p. 27 Modular Trauma Instrument System 5641 Dual Trigger Electric Module (see page 2 for full listing) to the (REF 5000E or REF 5000ET) Electric Motor module. 8. Insert a surgical accessory into the handpiece. For detailed instructions for a - ISIS is realized by MICROAIRE SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS Trade small bone instrument system/5641 smart driver DUOe w/couplers; Microaire 8051 and 8054 MODULAR AND 5641 SMART DRIVER DUOE W/COUPLERS. Asset Information. Sign In and Add To Cart + ADD TO LIST . Technical Specs. Key Specs. Item. Small-Bone Instrument System / 5641 SmartDriver™ DUOe w/couplers p. 27 Modular Trauma Instrument System 5641 Dual Trigger Electric Small-Bone Instrument Systems offer reliable, smooth-running power with a wide selection of head modules for drilling, sawing and wire-driving. The quick-connect system enables module switching during a procedure without Small-Bone Instrument System 2 securos.com Ordering Process To place an order of MicroAire Power Equipment, please call MWI Animal Health at 877.266.3349, and choose option #2 for a Securos Technical Support representative. Electric Instrument Cable for 5025 Console 5401 Foot pedal for 5025 console 5025-5401 Foot pedal cable 5000ET Electric Motor Handpiece with Hand Throttle X Powered by the 5025 Electric Instrument Control Console X Optional 5401 foot pedal X Variable-speed throttle with Tray X High-quality, medical-grade polymerHigh-quality, medical-grade polymer X Base holds the SmartDriver handpiece and electric cableModular tray X Base fits all MicroAire small-power surgical instruments, modules and
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