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Selling Plans 

Selling on Oisto is Free. We don't charge any monthly or annual fees. See referral fees section below for more details.  

Buying or selling outside of Oisto

If you offer or mention your contact information to buyers or ask a buyer for their contact information in the context of selling or buying outside of Oisto, you'll be charged a referral fee based on the total amount of the listing even if your item hasn’t been sold.

Referral Fees

Oisto has a very simple and straight forward referral fee structure. We charge only 6% on all items sold across all categories. All referral fees are capped at $450, which means that the maximum referral fee you pay to Oisto will not exceed $450 per item. Please note that the referral fees are subject to change with a proper notification to sellers. See more details about our pricing and why you should sell on Oisto here

Shipping Costs & Other Fees

  • Oisto allows you to ship your own orders, or you can use our fulfillment options and let us take care of the shipping label generation and tracking information for you. Fulfillment costs cover your shipping fees and customer service needs. You can also combine several plans or explore other options that work best for your order fulfillment needs.
  • If you plan to fulfill orders yourself, you can prepare your shipping labels outside of Oisto and then provide the tracking number on your order details page within your sellers account. Please note that you must provide a tracking information within 24 hours of the order, except for LTL freight required orders.  

 Sellers still pay referral fees even if they ship their own products. This amount will include the total sale price from the equipment sold as well as shipping costs. If you have the individual plan, then you will need to ship your orders at the set rates even if your credit is less than the shipping costs.

Other Fees

Please keep in mind that some sellers may have additional fees. You may be asked to pay for programs that you opted in for, such as account management, order fulfillments, or sponsored listings and other advertising.



In compliance with marketplace facilitator laws, Oisto in partnership with TaxJar collects and remits taxes from your sales on your behalf to the state and local governments. In some states you might be required to file your own taxes, please consult your tax professional or

contact our support for more information. You can also see the state by state marketplace facilitator laws here

How Do I Get Paid?

You will need to set up a seller account on the Oisto to get paid. Provide your credit card and bank information on our secure and safe portal. We will charge your credit card any of the above-mentioned fees. Proceeds from sales will be directly deposited into your account every other week.

How to Get Started Selling On Oisto?

When you’re ready to start selling on Oisto, follow these easy steps.

  1. Choose your selling plan.

 Before you start, you’ll need to pick your selling plan. We offer two options: the professional plan and the individual plan. With the individual plan, you will pay $0.99 every time you make a sale. The professional plan is $99.99 per month no matter how much you sell. Oisto will collect a referral fee each time you make a sale, regardless of the plan you use. We will take a small percentage of the total sale, which varies by product or the category.


  1. Pick your approach

 After you’ve decided on a plan, you’ll want to pick your selling approach. You can be a reseller, which entails finding popular medical equipment and listing them for sale on Oisto. Or you can be a brand owner or a manufacturer who sells their own products.


  1. Create an account

 Next, you’ll want to create a new seller account with Oisto. Make sure to have the following documents and information handy:


  • Basic business information such as business name, address and telephone number
  • Business owner’s personal details (Required for business owner verification)
  • Your tax information such as your business Tax ID or EIN number
  • Last 4 of business owner’s SSN (Required for Identity Verification)
  • Email address
  • Business and personal phone numbers
  • Bank account information (Required for Bank Direct Deposits)
  • PayPal account email address (Required for PayPal Payments)
  • Credit card number (Required for paying Oisto seller fees)
  • Government ID, such as your driver’s license


Tip: Use our seller central to watch your Oisto activity. This area can help you update your pricing, manage inventory, chat with potential buyers, review your account, add new products, and contact Oisto support.


  1. List your products

 After you have created your Oisto account, you will need to determine what category your equipment falls under. Some categories are available to all sellers while some need you to hold a professional account. Please note that some products that require FDA approval maybe subject to be manually approved after required documentation has been provided by the seller.


You may also need manual review and approval to sell some no FDA approval requiring products. Some products may not be sold by third-party sellers and you must be able to prove that you are the rightful owner of all listed medical equipment.


When you’re ready, pick a product category that your equipment falls under and include listing details. Your product listing may include the following:


  • Pictures (Please see image requirements for more details.)
  • Product identifiers, such as a product ID
  • Product details, including name, category, and intended use
  • Keywords to help buyers find your product
  • SKU or product ID
  • Brand name
  • Product title and description
  • Manufacture date and where/how the equipment was used
  • Any new parts or updates to the product that buyers should be aware of
  • FDA registration number
  • Expiration date
  • Any required legal disclosures


Brand details will be listed on a “product description” page. This is where buyers can see all of the information you listed.

Be sure to:

 Send out orders in a timely manner


You can use your Oisto account to answer questions about your product to potential buyers. Once an order is placed, you will need to fulfill the order in a timely manner. Buyers will have the ability to rate your products and you as a seller. Keep this in mind when getting out orders.


Use these helpful tips to become a successful seller on Oisto:


  • Never violate Oisto’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
  • Always comply with federal and local regulations
  • Set fair prices
  • List all information necessary
  • Ship products quickly
  • Advertise your products by using keywords that attract buyers to your product
  • Be responsive and provide a superior customer service
  • Get customer reviews to become a top seller and grow your business
  • If you product is used, make sure to give a proper explanation about the condition of your product
  • Properly list all expiration dates of the products


Attention: Some medical equipment and disposables must display expiration date at all times. This is a federal requirement, and you must always comply with these regulations. If you fail to comply with these regulations your Oisto account may be subject to termination.


Product Image Requirements

 All product images being listing on Oisto must meet the following requirements and technical specifications.

Accepted Images Formats

JPEG (.jpeg/jpg), GIF (.gif) PNG (.png)Image Size

Images dimensions must always be at least 1000 Pixels or larger in height or width preferred

Color Mode

We accept images with two main color modes sRGB or CMYK

File names

Image file names must always consist of the product identifier such as UPC or MPN (Example: NS0126223.jpg or GSM254311.png


Product Image Standards

Oisto has adopted the following product image standards that every seller must comply with.


  • All images of the products being sold must be professionally produced, drawings or illustrations of product images are prohibited.
  • Images should never be confusing and contain foreign objects other than the product being sold.
  • All images must be professionally produced, properly lit, with realistic colors as well as smooth edges.  
  • Products must fill at least 80% of the image frames
  • The full product must be present in the frame of the image
  • All image backgrounds must be crisp white (RGB 255,255,255).
  • Images should never contain additional text, foreign graphics or inset images
  • Adult images are strictly prohibited
  • Images must always pertain to the product being sold
  • Images must always be in focus and professionally lit

How to grow your business with Oisto?

Oisto offers several tools to help ensure that your business grows and becomes successful. It’s important to find your formula. In other words, determine a plan for how you are going to drive traffic to your product and deliver a top-notch customer experience. Doing so will ensure that you receive good ratings and will be displayed as a top seller.


Please note that our algorithms take your account and your product reviews into consideration when ranking your product listings when customers search for them.

Here are some tips to grow your business.


  1. Earn a badge

 Earning a badge as a top seller to make your business stand out. It’s also reassuring to buyers that you have a history of delivering excellent customer service because it shows that you are trustworthy. If it comes down to your product and another product that belongs to someone who doesn’t have a badge, you will be more likely to earn a customer’s business.


  1. Promote your listings

 Oisto allows you to advertise your products to make them stand out. This is a great way to direct more eyes to your listings, especially if there are several products matching your listings.


Here are some options:

  • Sponsored ads: your products will be featured on top of search results. You’ll only pay when customers click on your ads, also per thousand product page views (CPM).
  • Promotions: you can offer free shipping or discounts to grow your business.
  • Deals: offer deals, coupons, or flash sales to encourage buyers to take advantage of lower rates while they last.
  • Word of mouth: Promote your Oisto store URL on social media and other channels


  1. Consider brand registry

 Brand registry is a good way to get potential customers to recognize your products. You can use a registered trademark to get a free brand registry to help protect your equipment and unlock top-seller status on Oisto’s website.


You can enroll for free brand registry if you meet the following requirements:

  • You have a professional account
  • You have an active registered trademark that appears on your equipment
  • You can identify yourself as the rightful owner for the trademark


  1. Consider using keywords

 Using keywords in your product description helps direct buyers to your item. Include keywords that include the product item’s full name, manufacturer number, serial number, variations of product keywords, tags, functions, what it has been used for, and what its intended use is. You may also want to include where the equipment has been used, such as hospitals, medical centers, dental offices, surgery centers etc. Remember, search engines drive traffic to your product pages. One of the most important factors is the content. Always write detailed and long descriptions for your product listings. This will tremendously improve your overall organic search engine rankings.


You can also use keywords to help reach customers all over the world. This helps make your product more marketable. When you set up a professional account in the United States, you’ll also have access to buyers from around the world.


No matter what country you are located in or what language you speak, you can make your equipment marketable to anyone in the world by using features such as currency conversion, Oisto shipping, and personalized recommendations for product selections from our constantly learning AI based system.