Synthes 02.211.201 2.4/2.7MM VA-LOCKING X-PLATE EXTRA SMALL

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Synthes 02.211.201 2.4/2.7MM VA-LOCKING X-PLATE EXTRA SMALLDisposables - General For Sale - Orthopedic - General For Sale - Companies deliver innovative medical devices and solutions in orthopaedics, spinal care and neuroscience that help patients live full Commercial Distribution Status: In Commercial Distribution Catalog Number: 3cde53e3-4713-4d9e-a051-59f92784d5a4 Update Published 3 2018-07-06 2015-09-14 In Commercial Distribution H679022112010 Secondary HIBCC 10886982053824 Primary GS1 NA ti/ha 3, 3,135.38 whistle tip ureteral catheter right 5.0fr 70cm g14030,31.50 71333426 ref xlpe 28 20 ant +4 58-60 g,924.11 71453133 lgn cr high flex xlpe sz 7-8 13mm, 1,567.69 04.005.452 4.0mm ti lock screw 62mm Award 21091. PC63950. Orthopedic Equipment. Segment,1506, 22220 INCIS W/DISCECTOMY CERVICAL,6143, 22305 Treatment of Vertebral Process Fracture(s),656, 22310 CLOSED TX VERT FX W/ O MANJ,1049, 22315 CLOSED TX VERT FX W/ MANJ,2932, 22325 TREAT SPINE FRACTURE,5438, 22326 TREAT NECK SPINE FRACTURE,5608, 22327 TREAT THORAX SPINE FRACTURE,5620, 22328 TREAT EACH ADD SPINE FX,1254, x 40cm, 456 , catheter foley 20fr 5cc, 39 , catheter foley 24fr 5cc, 39 , catheter foley 6 fr x 1.5ml w/3ml sterile water, 65 , catheter foley silicone 8fr 3cc, 39 , catheter foley silicone 10fr 3cc, 39 , catheter foley silicone 12fr 5cc, 39 , catheter foley silicone 14fr 10cc 2-way, 39 , catheter foley silicone 16fr 5cc, 39 ,

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