Synthes D.C.P. Implants Plate Set

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Synthes DCP Implants


Synthes 224.12


Synthes 224.10 4.5mm Narrow DCP Plate - 10 Holes / 167mm


Synthes 224.09 4.5mm Narrow DCP Plate - 9 Holes / 151mm ~ Quantity 2


Synthes 224.08 4.5mm DCP Plate Narrow 8 Holes 135mm in Length ~ Quantity 2


Synthes 224.07 4.5mm Narrow DCP Plate - 7 Holes / 119mm ~ Quantity 2


Synthes 224.06 4.5mm Narrow DCP Plate - 6 Holes / 103mm ~ Quantity 4


Synthes 224.05 4.5mm Narrow DCP Plate - 5 Holes / 87mm


Synthes 224.04 4.5mm Narrow DCP Plate - 4 Holes / 71mm


Synthes 226.06 4.5mm Broad DCP Plate - 6 Holes / 103mm ~ Quantity 2


Synthes 226.07 4.5mm Broad DCP Plate - 7 Holes / 119mm ~ Quantity 2


Synthes 226.08 4.5mm Broad DCP Plate - 8 Holes / 135mm ~ Quantity 2


Synthes 226.09 4.5mm Broad DCP Plate - 9 Holes / 151mm


Synrhes 226.10 4.5mm Broad DCP Plate - 10 Holes / 167mm


Synthes 226.14 4.5mm Broad DCP Plate - 14 Holes / 231mm


Synthes 226.12 4.5mm Broad DCP Plate - 12 Holes / 199mm


Synthes 240.54 L-Buttress Plate: 4 Holes / 85mm / Angled Right for Left Tibia


Synthes 240.44 L-Buttress Plate - 4 Holes / 85mm / Angled Left for Right Tibia


Synthes 240.34 T-Buttress Plate: 4 Holes / 80mm


Synthes 240.14 T-Plate - 4 Holes / 84mm


Synthes 240.16 T-Plate - 6 Holes / 116mm


Synthes 240.18 T-Plate - 8 Holes / 148mm


Synthes 240.06 Spoon Plate - 6 Holes


Synthes 240.05 Spoon Plate - 5 Holes


Synthes 222.07 Semi-Tubular Plate - 7 Holes / 119mm


Synthes 222.06 Semi-Tubular Plate - 6 Holes / 103mm ~ Quantity 2


Synthes 222.05 Semi-Tubular Plate - 5 Holes / 87mm ~ Quantity 2


Synthes 222.04 Semi-Tubular Plate - 4 Holes / 71mm ~ Quantity 2

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Synthes D.C.P. Implants Plate SetCompanies are part of the Johnson Johnson Family of Companies. We offer one of the world’s most comprehensive portfolios of orthopaedic products and services in the areas of joint reconstruction, trauma, spine, sports medicine, cranio-maxillofacial, power tools and biomaterials. Orthopedic - General For Sale - IMPLANTS ( LARGE FRAG 3) Sale has ended! View details. Winning Bid N/A; Lot 1513 Orthopedic Equipment Tenders from India. 40 Orthopedic Equipment tenders are published by various Tendering Authorities Private companies. 40 live Tender for Orthopedic Equipment are available in Orthopedic Equipment Tender section You can further filter Orthopedic Equipment tenders by Tender Value, Tender Submission Date or Project Location. Minimally invasive anterior plate osteosynthesis in humeral shaft fractures is an operative alternative which may be indicated not only in delayed healing or complex shaft fractures. Do you want Find the best Orthopedic Implants state wise Manufacturers In India with all detail about the surgical Items Like orthopedic Implants,Orthopedic Bone Screw,Orthopedic Locking Plate,Orthopedic Locking Screw,Orthopedic Bone Plate,Orthopedic Hip System,Orthopedic Pain System,Orthopedic External Fixator,Orthopedic Nailing System ,Orthopedic Wire and Pins, Orthopedic Instruments A Novel Shape Memory Plate Osteosynthesis for Noninvasive Modulation of Fixation Stiffness in a Rabbit Tibia Osteotomy Model Article (PDF Available) in BioMed Research International 2015(3):1-8 The short bend plate is [ ] used for smaller wrist fixation and for fusion following proximal [ ] row carpectomy. The LCP Wrist Fusion System consists of implants designed to restore the anatomy of the wrist after fusion. An implantable intracranial pressure (ICP) telemetry transmitter. Data transmission is accomplished by means of a radio frequency (RF) link coupled to a silicon piezoresistive pressure transducer. Electrostatic bonding of this transducer onto a tubular glass support provides long-term stability, stress isolation and a hermetic package. .com. The short bend plate is [ ] used for smaller wrist fixation and for fusion following proximal [ ] row carpectomy.

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