Synthes DHS/DCS One-Step Basic Set

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Synthes DHS/DCS One-Step Basic Set Synthes 338.750 DHS Parallel Drill Guide Synthes 338.730 4.5 mm / 3.2 mm Insert Drill Sleeve Synthes 338.740 6.0 mm / 4.5 mm Drill Sleeve Synthes 338.25 Small Impactor Tip Synthes 312.46 4.5 mm / 3.2 mm Double Drill Sleeve Synthes 338.18 Centering Sleeve Synthes 314.15 Large Hexagonal Screwdriver Shaft Synthes 338.44 DHS Reaming Head, for DHS Triple Reamer Synthes 338.17 DHS/DCS Tap Synthes 214.828 28mm ~ Quantity 3 Synthes 214.830 30mm ~ Quantity 3 Synthes 214.832 32mm ~ Quantity 8 Synthes 214.834 34mm ~ Quantity 8 Synthes 214.836 36mm ~ Quantity 8 Synthes 214.838 38mm ~ Quantity 8 Synthes 214.840 40mm ~ Quantity 10 Synthes 214.842 42mm ~ Quantity 8 Synthes 214.844 44mm ~ Quantity 6 Synthes 214.846 46mm ~ Quantity 6 Synthes 214.848 48mm ~ Quantity 3 Synthes 214.850 50mm ~ Quantity 3 Synthes 214.852 52mm ~ Quantity 3 Synthes 214.854 54mm ~ Quantity 3 Synthes 338.31 Coupling Screw Synthes 338.26 tip for dhs/dcs impactor Synthes 338.302 Wrench Synthes 319.10 Depth Gauge for large screws Synthes 314.11 Holding Sleeve Synthes 314.27 Large Hexagonal Screwdriver Synthes 338.05 DHS/DCS Direct Measuring Device Synthes 338.10 8.0 mm Drill Bit Synthes 310.31 3.2 mm Drill Bit, quick coupling, 145 mm ~ Quantity 2 Synthes 310.44 4.5 mm Drill Bit, quick coupling, 145 mm ~ Quantity 2 Synthes 311.46 Tap for 4.5 mm Cortex and 4.5 mm Shaft Screws, 130 mm, 57 mm tap depth ~ Quantity 2 Synthes 292.20 2.0 mm Kirschner Wire, 150 mm, ~ Quantity 10 Synthes 900.723 2.5 mm Threaded Guide Wire ~ Quantity 10 Synthes 338.041 Synthes 338.08 DHS / DCS T-Handle with quick coupling Synthes 311.44 T-Handle with quick coupling Synthes 338.320 Standard DHS Lag Screw with LCP DHHS Sideplate Synthes 322.430 Angled Blade Plate Instrument 33-C 33-C Angled Blade Plate Synthes 338.120 Knut, knurled Synthes 338.11 DHS Reaming Head

Synthes DHS/DCS One-Step Basic SetDynamic Hip and Condylar Screw System Technique Guide 3 Confirm placement Confirm placement of the 2.5 mm threaded guide wire Synthes 59 DHS Basic Setoffers a variety of treatment options depending on the fracture site and the patient. USED EXCELLENT WORKING CONDITION !!! implants available nonsterile or sterile-packed. Add S to catalog number to order sterile product. J3266-K 3/11 Synthes kit includes an assortment of instruments, implants and a storage case. CLICK HERE for list of set contents. See close-up and al Synthes Insertion (105.831) Fold-Out Tray Catalog # Description 310.19 ⌀ 2.0 mm Drill Bit, Quick Coupling, 100 mm (2) Basic Set Surgical Instruments For Sale - This case is in excellent cosmetic condition with minor signs of 301 Moved Permanently. nginx Basic Set. First Name Last Name Email Address Phone Language Submit. Specifications Specs. Inventory FAQ All . Are your products new? What is the condition? We do consistently carry some new products such as light cables, Laparoscopic and Arthroscopic instrumentation, Orthopedic batteries and other accessories 4.5mm Self-Tapping Cortical Screw 34mm L Basic Insertion Self Tapping Part Number Description Quantity Self-Tapping Cortical Screw 28mm Self-Tapping Cortical Screw 30mm Self-Tapping Cortical Screw 32mm Self-Tapping Cortical Screw 34mm Self-Tapping Cortical Screw 36mm Self-Tapping Cortical Screw 38mm Self-Tapping Cortical Screw 40mm Self-Tapping Cortical Screw 42mm Self-Tapping Cortical Screw 44mm
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