Synthes Hybrid Fixator Set

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Synthes LC-DCP and DCP Basic Instrument Set Synthes 393.722 3/4 Ring, 205 mm ID Synthes 393.736 3/4 Ring, 165 mm ID ~ Quantity 2 Synthes 393.732 3/4 Ring, 115 mm ID Synthes 393.64 Large External Fixator Clamp ~ Quantity 4 Synthes 393.464 Adjustable Wire/Pin Clamp ~ Quantity 9 Synthes 393.436 Ring-to-Rod Clamp ~ Quantity 5 Synthes 393.734 3/4 Ring, 140 mm ID ~ Quantity 2 Synthes 394.85 11.0 mm Carbon Fiber Rod, 300 mm ~ Quantity 2 Synthes 394.86 11.0 mm Carbon Fiber Rod, 350 mm ~ Quantity 2 Synthes 393.10 Universal Chuck with T-Handle Synthes 393.745 Split Tissue Protection Sleeve, for wires up to 2.5 mm Synthes 393.746 Split Tissue Protection Sleeve, for wires and pins up to 5.0 mm Synthes 393.79 5.0 mm/3.5 mm Drill Sleeve, 110 mm Synthes 394.16 3.5mm Trocar, 110mm Synthes QC-310.37 3.5mm Drill Bit, 195mm Synthes JC-310.38 3.5mm Drill Bit, 180mm Synthes 321.20 Ratchet Wrench, 11 mm width across flats Synthes 391.962 Bending/Cutting Pliers Synthes 393.743 Backup Wire Tensioner Synthes 393.742 Wire Tensioners for Hybrid Fixator Synthes 394.97 Protective Cap, for 11.0 mm rods ~ Quantity 4 Synthes 304.345 Hybrid Fixator Implant Tray Synthes 294.786 5.0 mm dia., 200 mm Synthes 294.785 5.0 mm Self-Drilling Schanz Screw, 175 mm ~ Quantity 5 Synthes Wire & Scnanz Screw Protective Caps ~ Quantity 7 Synthes 219.98 Washer, 7.0 mm Synthes 292.40 2.0 mm Spade-Point Wire, 350 mm ~ Quantity 4 Synthes 292.41 Spade-Point Reduction Wire ~ Quantity 4 Synthes 292.38 Spade-Point Reduction Wire ~ Quantity 6 Synthes 292.39 Spade-Point Reduction Wire ~ Quantity 6

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Synthes Hybrid Fixator SetHybrid Fixator—Proximal Tibia Frame Technique Guide When to use The hybrid frame is used for the stabilization of complex proximal tibial fractures, particularly those involving the joint. Large and Medium External Fixators Surgical Technique Large External Fixator Overview of available Fixator systems Rod Fixators Fix-ExFamily (clip-on) Supplements to the Fix-ExFamily Monolateral Systems MEFiSTO Systems Large rod 11 mm Large External Fixator Hybrid Ring Fixator Carbon fibre tube Medium rod 8 mm Set includes a variety of instruments, external fixation accessories and storage. CLICK HERE for a list of set components. Trials availa Hybrid Fixator Universal Set 115.940 - Limited Quantities Available Contact Us Today! Whatsapp/Phone 1 Adjustable Wire/Pin Clamp for Hybrid Fixator hybrid fixator set. This item is in good condition overall, with some scuffs/scratches from use. It may be missing some pieces. You will receive one 115.940 Hybrid Fixator Universal Set Instruments Included: 1 - Universal Chuck With T-Handle (393.10) 1 - Bending/Cutting Pliers (391.962) HYBRID FIXATOR SET Orthopedic - General For Sale - Bending/Cutting Pliers 391.962 Tensioner 393.742 Back-Up Hybrid Fixator Set Orthopedic - General For Sale - Item # 242261 Title: Clear Choice Medical - Buy/Sell Used Medical Equipment - Customer Service.

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